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We Need an Economy that Works for Everyone

Suffolk County is one of the most expensive places to live in the country and it is also a place where there has been little movement in wages and employment opportunities for decades. The struggle of finding a job with a wage that can pay for housing and still put food on the table is real and ongoing.

We need solutions now!

We must recognize that our economy is changing fast, and we need to act! Long Islanders must be provided with the tools they need to thrive in the new economy – not the old.

The first step is admitting that manufacturing as we once knew it will not be the reality of the future. The next step is understanding which industries are growing and require non-automated skill sets, human touch and intelligence, and invest in those right here in Suffolk County.

We need to shift the way we think about manufacturing jobs to catch up as a region, as we’re already behind.

Next, we need to recognize just how closely our environment is tied to our economy and just how important it is for us to keep it protected. It is our environment that offers residents and visitors a wide range of products and agri-tourism activities to enjoy.

  • Tourism would not exist if it were not for our pristine beaches on the ocean, bays and the Long Island Sound.
  • Suffolk County is also ranked first in sales of aquaculture, poultry, and egg products.
  • Farming on Long Island is ranked first statewide in the wholesale value of crops thanks to thriving greenhouse, nursery, sod, potato, vegetable and winegrape industries.

We must support those who directly earn their livelihoods tied to the environment by protecting it.

It is a given that to rebuild our regional economy we must continue investing in infrastructure, and most important, as we rewrite the rules of our new economy, we must make certain that we build an America where everyone knows that hard work pays off.

To move our economy forward I support passing Tax Reforms that ensures everyone pays their fair share. This includes:

  • Reversing the Trump tax cuts and raising the rates for corporations and those earning over $400K a year.
  • Taxing capital gains at the same rate as working Americans.
  • Funding the IRS so that tax shelters and tax cheats are audited, not ordinary Americans.

I believe that everyone should have the the freedom and ability to determine their own future. This is why I strongly support

  • the fight for a living wage
  • protecting and growing our Main Streets by providing tax breaks for our micro businesses that make up 92% of all U.S. Businesses.
  • making college affordable
  • investing in vocational and skilled trade training because college isn’t the only path for finding a job to support a family or becoming financially secure.
  • expanding our manufacturing, technology, and construction workforces

To stimulate our economy, we need to put more money in the pockets of the working and the middle class. We must seize every opportunity to create jobs so those just starting out in their careers do not feel forced to move off Long Island and are able to remain in Suffolk County if they choose to live here. We must ensure that every worker has the chance to build financial safety net for their families.