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Transportation & Infrastructure

Long Island’s infrastructure is essentially the same as half a century ago despite its steadily increasing population. For years our bridges, roads, and public parks are crumbling and will continue on this trend if not provided the substantial investments they desperately need. Traffic will only worsen if we don’t expand our highways and modernize our public transportation systems.

Living in Suffolk County requires many families to own more than one car, leading to traffic congestion. We need to seek solutions that are more forward-thinking and environmentally and economically friendly. One idea is to create a transit system that allows an alternative for those who prefer to do their errands on a bicycle, a safe and effective way to reach their destinations. It would be a “game-changer” in our region if we could create a system where no more than 5 miles of cycling plus LIRR and the Suffolk County bus system could allow anyone on a bike to reach any place in most of Suffolk.

We need a representative willing. Not only will these improvements drastically impact the long-term quality of life for Long Island commuters, but they will also bolster the economy with the jobs it will create. The bold undertaking to reimagine Long Island’s transportation will require bipartisan support on the state and local levels of government. It will also take a new member of Congress to make this dream a reality.

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