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Mental Health and Wellness

Discussions of healthcare policy seem to focus on those with the most dire of physical health conditions. These individuals must be protected immediately, but if we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that there is another under-reported yet equally serious epidemic in society, particularly amongst our youth: declining mental health.


A variety of factors including unrelenting pressure to conform to society’s definition of educational and financial success, beauty, relationships, and sexuality, as well as the continued experience of being underserved and underinsured, have led to alarming rates of suicide and self-harm, especially in veterans, LGBTQ+ youth, the unhoused, and the elderly.

Corrective measures are urgently needed, and these include:

  • Federal Investment in mental wellness and community support services through targeted grants
  • Expansion of healthcare coverage for clinical and medical intervention
  • Foster deeper understanding of behavioral de-escalation techniques among first responders 
  • Mandates and funding to increase the availability of crisis assessment and response teams in all public schools
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