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I believe we all realize that the healthcare system in our country is fundamentally flawed, and the numbers don’t lie – Health spending per person in the U.S. was $10,948, which was 53% higher than the country with the next highest per capita health spending.* Our small-business owners are being crushed with the costs to insure their workers and struggle to stay open. Working families are going bankrupt from paying exorbitant premiums with high deductibles, and too many folks are choosing between paying their rent or paying for insulin. And while the pharmaceutical and insurance industries experience all-time highs in profit, nurses and frontline healthcare workers are being paid far too little for their life-saving work, but healthcare executives are getting six-figure bonuses. This must change.

It is not enough to ensure every American has access to healthcare; it must also be affordable. People’s lives must come first, not the profits of pharmaceutical and insurance companies. This is why I support Medicare for All. We must lower prescription costs, guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions, and not give up on this issue until there is not a single American who dies because they cannot afford adequate care.

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