Gender Equality

In 2021, unequal treatment across the genders is unacceptable. More than a century after women gained the right to vote; they are often still second-class citizens – with men making decisions surrounding their bodily autonomy and value in the workplace.

I will support legislation that:

  • Legally enshrines reproductive rights and medical privacy
  • Expands access to contraceptives and sexual education
  • Promotes safe workplace environments and communities
  • Calls for fair and equal compensation
  • Expands paid parental leave at the national level for all parents
  • Expands access to affordable childcare options

 LGBTQ+ Rights

The 2015 Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage is the tip of the iceberg in a long list of changes needed to ensure our LGBTQ+ neighbors are safe and supported. What does the right to marry mean to those suffering from homophobic and transphobic violence in the streets?

It is a matter of conscience that we:

  • Protect transgender people of color, particularly youth, who are experiencing homelessness and suicide at an alarming rate by substantially investing in shelter and community services
  • Escalate the seriousness of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes in our legal statutes
  • Remove barriers to legal name changes and removing the publication requirements that put those seeking them at risk.
  • Draft more inclusive healthcare policies to familiarize healthcare providers with trans-specific issues, in addition to ending the ban on blood donations from gay men: a relic of the 1980’s fear of HIV/AIDS

Attempts to subvert the precepts of our constitution will continue, and we must continue to be vigilant to protect those whose rights are under threat. Unequal treatment across the genders is unacceptable, and we must vigorously ensure that everyone’s rights are protected.

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