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Climate change is our greatest challenge. We can never forget that we, the people of NY-01, are coastal people. Severe storms are coming much more frequently causing costly damage to dunes and beaches, widespread power outages, major disruptions to schools and businesses, and dangerous toxic runoff into both freshwater and saltwater sources. 


Environmental impacts such as beach erosion, algae blooms,  and rising bacteria levels demand that we confront climate change now. And our solutions can, and should, also address our second greatest challenge: economic injustice and instability. Addressing climate change through renewable energy, increased demand for recycled plastic, expanded options for eco-friendly products, and protecting our fish and wildlife can reinvigorate the LI economy. 


We must substantially expand cleanup initiatives for the Long Island Sound and its beaches, better monitor toxic waste facilities, landfills, and pesticides, and expand subsidies for electric vehicles and solar panels for residences and businesses. We must  develop, implement, and enforce environmental policy equitably among communities of all socio-economic levels. and that all communities have meaningful involvement in the policy decisions that impact their residents.

There is no time to waste.  The future is now. 

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