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Economic Inequality & Corporate Responsibility

The United States once had a much higher tax rate on the ultra-wealthy than we do now. Today, due to decades of policies written by lobbyists on behalf of the super-rich and major corporations, we see the country’s wealthiest residents and the largest companies paying next to nothing in taxes, usually through complex offshore arrangements and other tax loopholes.  And it has been the middle class and small business owners that have picked up the tab time and time again. 

Congress must take action to address the fact that  middle-class incomes have grown at a much slower rate than upper-tier incomes over the past five decades. Economic inequality has grown to unsustainable levels, and overall, the majority of Americans say there is too much economic inequality in the country today. Hard-working Americans want a level playing field.  And in Congress, that’s exactly what I’ll be fighting for.

I will strongly support legislation that seeks to close tax loopholes, reduce subsidies for large corporations, end offshore tax havens, strengthen antitrust laws, crack down on anti-competitive practices, and limit corporate political contributions.  Together, we can ensure that “the1%”, who benefitted from the greatness of America, pay their fair share.

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