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Nick Antonucci – Values We Need Right Now

Nick Antonucci speaking with senior voters

Nick Antonucci grew up in Holtsville, New York, right here in Suffolk County. It is where he learned discipline, perseverance, faith in God and country, and the value of hard work.

“The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary” is a quote that Nick’s grandfather shared with him when he was young and one he never forgot, and he has applied that simple principle to everything he has done since. As a student, teacher, and executive director of a nonprofit professional development school, Nick has always worked hard to succeed.

Nick is not unlike you or me. He’s the product of the working class and is part of today’s struggling Long Island middle class. He is running as a Democrat to represent those whose voice is lost in Washington. Nick wants your support because we need more people to stand up for what was once a given, that if you work hard, you can succeed. We cannot give up on this dream. Nick believes that America is at a crossroads, and he refuses to sit on the sidelines while career politicians take our country down the wrong path.

Nick Antonucci speaking with senior voters
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