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Why I Am Running for Congress

Nick Antonucci writing

Written on January 7th, 2021

For me, it’s really about my fellow New Yorkers – the great people of Long Island, my neighbors in the 1st Congressional District. I don’t care about the labels: Democrat, Republican, Right, Left. It’s about what is right and what is wrong; and I have seen enough wrong in my lifetime. It is time to make things right. This is why I am seeking your support for Congress.

The mindless violence and the misguided judgement we all witnessed in Washington DC on January 6th left me with a profound sense of shame and sorrow. Those who forced themselves into the Capitol and even some members of Congress, those who swore an oath to defend the Constitution, highlighted the deep divide and incivility that engulfs politics today. I will not stand for this.

We must understand that an uncontrollable mob is the voice of madness and should not be embraced as the voice of the people. And when our own elected officials perpetuate lies and conspiracy theories, aimed to appease the politically brokenhearted, and this then leads to violent treasonous actions, everyone needs to take notice. I have taken notice.

As Bobby Kennedy once said, “violence breeds violence, repression brings retaliation, and only a cleaning of our whole society can remove this sickness from our soul.” I am running for Congress because I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. In my mind, the people of the 1st Congressional District need a representative that is willing to do their bidding and one that is not beholden to any political force.  whether it is a party or an individual. My campaign hopes to bring folks together to help shape a brighter future for all Long Islanders from every background – I welcome you to this fight for what matters most to us.

It is my personal belief that the problems facing our society are not just political, and we as Americans need to find our moral compass to solve them. To put it simply, there are certain issues that are not left versus right but right versus wrong.

Let me be very clear, if we can ever hope to have a brighter future, public policy needs to be crafted that moves our nation forward on these items. We can no longer can give grandiose speeches, promise our constituents the moon, and come back in two years with nothing to show for it, asking for your vote again.

Nick Antonnucci on conference call

The real work needs to start now, and I have only seen the needs of NY-01 be ignored under Lee Zeldin’s in favor of his own career, his party allegiance, and his donors. But for this to start, and if we are to be serious about the needs of the people of NY-01 CD, money from special interests needs to be removed from our government. That is why I am pledging that our campaign will only accept individual contributions and will never accept a cent from any special interests or corporate political action committee (PAC).

Because of my firm conviction of running without the support of dark money or the backing of any political establishment, I understand the daunting challenge before me. Yet, I am hopeful that I can find support for the type of grassroots campaign I am championing. My first step is to earn your vote and that starts by listening to you – the folks of the 1st Congressional District. Over the course of my campaign, I am hoping to meet as many people in this district as possible to discuss my candidacy – to understand where you feel you have been let down the most these past few years, and to commit to working where the greatest needs lie. I also welcome an opportunity for you to meet me, hear my words, ask questions, and then judge for yourself if I am worthy of your vote.

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