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A Long Islander Who Understands Long Island

Nick Antonucci for New York’s 1st Congressional District in 2022

It’s no secret – Long Island has its fair share of issues. And with all the turmoil and partisan gridlock in Washington, it’s more important than ever that Long Island has someone who understand how to get things done. It’s time Long Island had a real working-class voice in Washington. It’s time Long Island had Nick Antonucci.

nick antonucci


Meet Nick Antonucci

A life-long New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and living in Southold, Nick is a working-class educator who understands the real struggles Long Islanders face every day – sometimes just to make ends meet. His passion for education and community activism, and his first-hand understanding of the issues we need to overcome, has inspired him to run for Congress to advocate for Long Island and protect the people and place he cares about most.

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Member of the New York State United Teachers Union


Some of Nick’s Top Priorities as Congressman

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Are you looking to make a real difference in your local community? Then join the Antonucci for Congress campaign and help Nick get to Washington and fight for your family, friends and neighbors! Whether you have only a little time or a lot, we need people of all backgrounds and abilities.

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Latest News

Gerrymandering hurts our democracy – Suffolk Times Op-Ed (2/24/2022)

Here is Op-ed I wrote for the Suffolk Times, that speaks about the perils of gerrymandering. https://suffolktimes-ny.newsmemory.com?publink=098c0c847_1348364


Sachem Report article – https://www.sachemreport.com/2022/02/21/sachem-alum-teacher-nick-antonucci-ends-congressional-primary-run-empowered-by-volunteer-team/ Written by Chris Vaccaro.

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Yesterday my daughter Annie and I traveled to DC to join two of my longtime High School friends (Melinda Reynolds-Moran and Dr. Laura Valente, two proud, strong, successful alums from the Sachem Class of ’82) for the Women’s March. My daughter, a senior at Southold High school, had never been to a protest, so I […]

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2022/06/28 17:47:55
Time till the June 28th, 2022 Primary
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